E-scooter rider filmed travelling over 90km/h before crashing

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A Queensland man was filmed travelling at more than three-times the legal speed limit on an E-scooter, moments before he crashed.

An e-scooter rider in Queensland was caught on video travelling three times over the legal limit past a cyclist before taking a tumble on the footpath.

Queensland Police are currently trying to track down the rider, who told a cyclist he passed before falling to the ground he’d clocked over 90 km/h near Brisbane’s Western Freeway.

Cyclist Scott Lewis told A Current Affair he couldn’t believe his eyes as a massive rush went past him.

“I’ve seen some fast ones,” Mr Lewis told A Current Affair.

“But nothing like that, it blew me away.”

Cyclist Scott Lewis captured the speeding scooter rider on his GoPro. Picture: 9News/ACA

Mr Lewis caught the moment on film, and later discovered the e-scooter rider had taken a fall further down the track.

“I was a little angry, I wanted to just talk to him and find out a little more about what he was doing and why he was doing it,” Mr Lewis said.

Mr Lewis always travels with his GoPro camera filming just in case, and managed to record the mans response when asked how fast he was going.

“94,” the man said.

The man is seen telling Mr Lewis he was travelling at such an extreme speed to “get to work.”

The vision from Mr Lewis’ GoPro of the scooter rider after he came off. Picture: 9News/ACA

The top speed for the scooter model seen in the footage is 100km/h, four times the legal limit for E-scooters in Queensland.

Queensland law states e-scooters cannot legally travel faster than 25km/h, and scooters seen on streets available to rent have limits to how fast they can go in busy areas.

The Western Freeway next to the incident has a maximum speed limit for cars of 90 km/h, meaning the E-scooter rider was not only breaking scooter laws, but road rules for motor vehicles.

Across Queensland, police are out in force monitoring speed for E-scooter riders.

Brisbane City Highway Patrol Acting Sergeant Duncan Hill said 25km/h was a maximum speed, not an appropriate speed to be travelling on a footpath.

Acting Sergeant Duncan Hill said police are out monitoring scooter speeds. Picture: 9News/ACA

“Wear a helmet and take your time,” Mr Hill said.

Speeding riders are being hit with $194 fines, as fellow pedestrians praise police for enforcing the laws on footpaths.

Police pull over a woman riding a privately owned E-Scooter. Picture NCA NewsWire / Ian Currie

It comes after a man lost his life in an e-scooter accident last month.

In September, a 37 year old man lost his life after losing control of his E-scooter in Brisbane’s east.

The man, from Mansfield, suffered significant head injuries and sadly died at the scene.

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