Woolies shoppers fume at ‘serious’ problem: ‘Every time I buy one’

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Woolworths customers have taken to social media to condemn a “serious” issue that affects thousands of shoppers, but Woolies has defended the change.

Sharing on Facebook, many of the customers have complained that they’re experiencing problems with Woolies’ paper shopping bags.

Since the supermarket titan phased out its 15c reusable plastic bags in stores nationwide last month, its 25c paper bags are the cheapest non-BYO option for customers.

But increasingly, Facebook users have claimed that the bags aren’t sturdy enough for the job and break apart when filled with groceries.

“Lovin’ the new paper bags,” one customer wrote alongside several explicit emojis. Picture: Facebook.“Lovin’ the new paper bags,” one customer wrote alongside several explicit emojis. Picture: Facebook.

A particular weak spot appears to be the handles, with many sharing images of the paper straps torn at the point of attachment to the rest of the bag.

Another customer shared images of multiple ripped bags, one which had torn at the handle and another at the bottom, where groceries were pouring out.

“Twenty five cents for bags that just break before you even get to the car,” she wrote.

Others said they’d experienced similar problems with the bags.

“You’re definitely not the only person, this happened to me last weekend and I noticed a women chasing cans through the carpark this evening after her bags broke,” said one.

“It’s a serious problem,” said another customer. Picture: Facebook.“It’s a serious problem,” said another customer. Picture: Facebook.

Another said: “It’s a serious problem. Every time I buy one, it breaks on the way to the car.”

“Lovin’ the new paper bags,” wrote a third, alongside a photo of a torn bag and several explicit emojis.

A Woolworths spokesperson said the supermarket stood by the quality of the paper bags.

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“Our paper bags are made from at least 70% recycled paper and have been tested to carry up to 6kg through a range of conditions, whether it’s with chilled items or carried across long distances,” the supermarket said in a statement.

The decision to phase out plastic bags has been taken by many supermarkets worldwide, citing environmental concerns. Woolies’ plastic bags are available alongside other reusable bags, such as cooler bags, while customers are also encouraged to bring a bag from home.

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