Woman’s rant after disabled park used without permit

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A woman who exploded into a rant after watching people use a disabled bay without a permit has had to defend herself after her tirade backfired.

The disabled driver watched silently from the other side of the road as three people returned to their car parked in a disability space outside a shopping centre in Cairns, Queensland.

In a fiery post online on Wednesday, she accused the trio of parking there out of laziness.

“Please do not park in disabled car parks because you’re lazy! Or you want to ‘protect’ your car from being hit. Come on now!” she said, describing it “very disrespectful”.

She encountered the scene when looking for a parking space on Tuesday evening and instantly became “so mad”.

“I see a lot of people doing this, so if you do it, stop,” she wrote.

“These parks are designed for allowing space for people to get in and out of the vehicle using a mobility device. Fair enough if you display a permit, but if you do not and you clearly do not have an impairment, DO NOT PARK THERE! Be considerate of others! This is for physically disabled people!”

The passenger reached to grab a note placed on the windscreen. Picture: FacebookThe passenger reached to grab a note placed on the windscreen. Picture: Facebook

While most respondents found it easy to empathise with her, one detail in her post seemed to not quite sit right with the community.

She shared a video she took from inside her car as she watched the shoppers return, showing them loading their vehicle with shopping before getting in.

The choice saw her approach dubbed “creepy”, with some arguing the people in question may have had a permit they forgot to bring with them.

“I get the whole being annoyed at people parking in disabled parks/pram parks. However sitting in your car filming them over it, is a bit over the top and creepy,” one response read.

“I think there are bigger things going on in the world than to obsess over someone you are accusing of not being disabled … I think this post has Karen vibes – you don’t know them,” another said.

The upset woman left a note on the car but didn’t reveal what it said. Picture: FacebookThe upset woman left a note on the car but didn’t reveal what it said. Picture: Facebook

The woman behind the fuming post doubled down, saying she was happy to be labelled a “Karen” over asking people to respect disabled bays.

“If I’m a ‘Karen’ for reminding people to be considerate of others, I’m more than happy to take that name … they did not have a permit and to me they could get in and out of the car without that much room,” she responded.

Many others agreed with her and shared how unpleasant it was to arrive at a disabled parking space to find it occupied by someone without a permit.

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“Having a wife in a wheelchair and having people do this really annoys me. I now take a photo showing rego, the disabled sign and windscreen showing no permit,” one response read.

“Some people just don’t care,” another added, with others saying disabled bays were sadly taken up by non permit holders “all the time”.

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