Tragedy as woman dies in front of shoppers at busy Parramatta Westfield

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Horrified shoppers have recalled the distressing moment a woman died at a Westfield centre in Sydney’s western suburbs.

Horrified shoppers have recalled the distressing moment someone fell from one of the levels at a Sydney Westfield to their death.

A woman has tragically died following an incident at a packed Westfield shopping centre in Sydney’s west.

The distressing scene unfolded in front of shoppers on Friday afternoon at the Parramatta centre.

Witnesses shared pieces of what they saw to social media in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Police erected tape to block off the surrounding area after a woman tragically died. Picture: TikTok

Witnesses claimed the individual looked to be middle aged.

It’s understood stores surrounding the scene were temporarily closed.

A friend of a shop owner who reportedly saw what happened said the incident had left them “shaken up”.

They said the shop owner “heard it all”.

Several horrified shoppers watched the tragedy unfold. Picture: TikTok

“Of course she was shaken up and shop ended up closing,” she wrote to social media.

“A large section of Parramatta Westfield was sectioned off. I’ve since learned why. Please pray for the deceased… her grieving family,” wrote another distressed witness.

Footage from the scene showed yellow police tape blocking off an area inside the centre.

It comes just three years after a woman fell to her death at the same shopping centre.

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