TikTok reveals Kmart clipper burnt Melbourne man’s hair

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A Kmart hair clipper has been blamed for “burning” the head of a man who had attempted to give himself a “fresh haircut”.

The $35 product was blasted on Tuesday by TikTok creator Yasmin, who was fuming on behalf of her boyfriend, Aaron.

The Melbourne woman claimed her boyfriend was left with fried hair and a burnt head after using the clipper on himself.

“Look at his hair, look what’s happened to it,” she told her followers.

“It’s so hard to see but it’s literally split. I don’t know if you guys can see that but it’s split and f***ing burnt his head.”

A close angle of his scalp showed what appeared to be bits of hair that had been split down the centre.

The $35 product was blasted. Picture: TikTok/yassssyyyThe $35 product was blasted. Picture: TikTok/yassssyyyYasmin claimed it ruined her boyfriend’s hair. Picture: TikTok/yassssyyyYasmin claimed it ruined her boyfriend’s hair. Picture: TikTok/yassssyyy

“I even just pulled some and it came out,” Yasmin said.

“It’s coming out. It’s splitting off.”

Aaron suggested the hair had just been bent over, but Yasmin was intent that it was “all f***ed up”.

“I don’t have that fresh cut feeling,” Aaron said.

Yasmin warned viewers against buying the product.

“Do not buy it. Look how split it is,” she said.

In a comment she later updated followers revealing he used oil on the clippers before starting and had also washed his hair beforehand.

They ended up borrowing a different set of clippers and shaving his hair shorter to fix the damage that had been done.

“His hair is legit so split we’re about to shave it shorter to get rid of it with my dad’s nice razors,” Yasmin told a viewer.

His hair was so weak it could be easily pulled out. Picture: TikTok/yassssyyyHis hair was so weak it could be easily pulled out. Picture: TikTok/yassssyyy

Responding to another comment, she said the clipper was hurting Aaron as he was using it.

“The clipper blade is blunt and it would be cutting then not cutting and repeating. Does that make sense?” a woman, who said she was a hairdresser, said.

A Kmart spokesperson encouraged them to contact the retailer’s customer care team.

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“At Kmart, we pride ourselves on delivering high quality products to our customers at prices they love. We take feedback on the safety and quality of our products very seriously and are looking into these comments with our quality team,” they told news.com.au.

“We encourage any customers that have a concern with one of our products to reach out to our friendly customer care team at [email protected] to ensure that it can be investigated properly.”

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