‘Thought I would die’: Star’s worrying Jenny Craig admission

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Footy legend Brendan Fevola has revealed the alarming lengths he went to in order to lose weight as part of his contract withJenny Craig.

Fevola said he thought he was going to die while losing 12kgs in nine days after becoming an ambassador for the weight loss business in 2017.

He revealed he “virtually didn’t eat for a week”, at one point getting a nose bleed for no reason as he walked around Melbourne in an attempt to shed the extra weight.

Speaking on his radio show, Fox FM’s Fifi, Fev & Nic, Fevola said he was paid “a lot of money” to lose weight for the brand.

“For the first six months had to lose a lot of weight,” he said.

“Then for the next year you had to stay within two kilos, you got weighed every month and that was without food, you had to do it yourself.”

At one point Fevola weighed 119.8kg and needed to get down to 108kg in order to get paid.

Brendan Fevola made the stunning revelations on his breakfast show on Fox FM (pictured: Fevola with his co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cody)/ Supplied/Fox FMBrendan Fevola made the stunning revelations on his breakfast show on Fox FM (pictured: Fevola with his co-hosts Fifi Box and Nick Cody)/ Supplied/Fox FM

“It got a bit scary,” he said.

“I didn’t eat for virtually seven days.

“I went to a sauna and I walked out at the Brighton baths to go for a little walk but I had no energy. It was so bad, it was the only time I thought I’d die. My nose started bleeding for no reason and I had some soup which filled me back up.

“But there’s a great outcome, I woke up the morning of, I went in and weighed in, I got to 107, they all clapped and said well done.

“Next to the Jenny Craig, no word of a lie, there is a McDonald’s and after every weigh in I’d go and treat myself. I went in and bought two McChickens, a Big Mac, large chips.

“I smashed the first McChicken and almost spewed. But I got my weight, I got my cash.”

Jenny Craig appointed voluntary administrators on Tuesday in a last-ditch attempt to save its businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

The appointment is aimed at restructuring the businesses and avoiding a similar fate to its US parent company, which has filed for bankruptcy.

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