Tasmanian couple filmed sex act on grave and with live trout

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Sick footage has circulated showing a couple having sex on top of a grave and using a live trout to play out a sexual act on a boat.

The disturbing clips, which are too graphic to publish, were sent to Tasmanian publication The Mercury by a concerned resident who condemned the depraved behaviour.

“I find this extremely disgusting, and I hope the news reaches the family of whose grave it is,” they wrote to the publication.

One of the clips showed a woman wearing nothing but an unbuttoned orange shirt as she laid on top of a grave at a cemetery in Cressy, southwest of Launceston.

Her companion then walked towards her and began having sex with her, making the vile comment: “Well, there’s someone’s grave. It’s a grave babe”.

A woman wore nothing but a buttoned shirt.A woman wore nothing but a buttoned shirt.She was filmed having sex on a grave.She was filmed having sex on a grave.

“We’re going to f**k on the grave, that’s where it’s at.”

The woman then added: “to the souls of the faithfully departed, may they rest in peace”.

The pair continued to exchange words however they were too crude to publish.

Investigations revealed the grave belonged to popular Tasmanian artist David Hammond Chapman, who was born in Ballarat in 1927 and died in Cressy in 1983.

He had three children with his wife, Beatrice Chapman, who died in 2018.

Tasmania Police had not been made aware of the video, according to a spokesperson.

“No formal report has been made to Tasmania Police regarding the video, and it is unknown if the matter occurred in Tasmania,” they told The Mercury.

“We encourage anyone who may have information, to notify Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.”

The second video, showing who is believed to be the same woman, showed her lying on a boat out in the ocean.

The couple had sex on the grave of Tasmanian artist David Hammond Chapman.The couple had sex on the grave of Tasmanian artist David Hammond Chapman.

A male was shown using a live trout to perform a sexual act on her.

“That’s how you catch a trout,” the man was heard saying.

Tasmania Police confirmed in a post to social media it was investigating.

“Police are aware of a graphic video circulating involving two people and a fish,” its post read.

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“Police are investigating and following a specific line of inquiry.

“Police encourage anyone with the video to delete it immediately. Possessing or distributing the video would be an offence.”

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