Swing brother’: Road rage ‘brawl’ erupts

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A hilarious road rage incident in Melbourne has seen a whole lot of aggressive posturing and not much else.

Traffic was recently stopped in Carlton as four men aggressively gestured at each other.

One tall man in black shorts, a black hoodie, black sandals (with socks) and a bumbag to boot is filmed taunting three men who appear to have got out of their cars mid-traffic.

“Have a swing, brother, have a swing,” the man in black says while also walking backwards away from the group.

Melbourne intersection hosts the wildest street fight that never was. Picture: 9NewsMelbourne intersection hosts the wildest street fight that never was. Picture: 9NewsSlap! Picture: 9NewsSlap! Picture: 9News

A lady yells for the men to “stop fighting” before resorting to other means.

She throws water on the men to little avail.

The three men from the cars, which sit empty and block two lanes of traffic, begin to get back in their vehicles before the man in sandals jumps onto the bonnet of one of the men’s white Volkswagen.

Melbourne road rage incident caught on camera

The man in black throws a half-hearted slap at the car’s owner and retreats as the driver follows on foot in a boxer’s stance before quickly returning to his car.

The man in black is then chased out into the intersection by another man in a singlet and sandals whose rattail blows in the breeze behind him.

The second man almost escalated the cold brawl into an actual physical altercation by swinging a punch – but missed, perhaps due to a significant size mismatch.

The pair gesture in the street some more before everyone departs on their own volition.

A hilarious comment section of 9News provided the perfect post-match report.

“A lot of huffing n’ puffing going on – prancing princesses the lot of em – a little tango here n’ a little cha-cha there – Sheesh boys, skip home boys. Your Ma’s waiting for ya – she’s cooked ya din dins,” one wrote.

The attempted punch that almost made this a real fight. Picture: 9NewsThe attempted punch that almost made this a real fight. Picture: 9News‘Come on!’ *walks backwards*. Picture: 9News‘Come on!’ *walks backwards*. Picture: 9News

“The most action I saw was the lady spilling her drink,” another said.

“What a circus. I’m the only one that got hurt. Sore ribs from laughing,” added another.

Others said there was a need for “Benny Hill music” to accompany the footage, while others suggested the men should be penalised for “impersonating a fight”.

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But there was a voice of reason to come out of the comment section.

“For crying out loud, grow up, the lot of you. You all act so entitled, like the road is only for one person. You want to beat each other up … go somewhere. No one has to witness it.”

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