Shocking rental ad for ‘three bedroom’ shed

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Another day, another person trying to pass their garden shed off as a genuine rental property.

This time we are in Melbourne, where a landlord appears to have advertised a metal shed as a three bedroom, one bathroom property.

The original advertisement was posted in a Melbourne rental Facebook group.

One Facebook user then shared screenshots of the listing to another group, claiming it had left them “speechless”.

The rental is on offer for $350 a month, with photos taken from inside the shed showing what appears to be astroturf covering the floor.

A mattress can be seen shoved into the corner of the room, along with a desk, pedestal fan and a microwave.

Pieces of wood can be seen balancing on beams above the bed and it is unclear where the so-called “bathroom” is located.

The shed was advertised for $350 a month. Picture: FacebookThe shed was advertised for $350 a month. Picture: FacebookThe inside the ‘three bed’ rental. Picture: FacebookThe inside the ‘three bed’ rental. Picture: Facebook

The man who shared screenshots of the listing described it as “sweatshop style accommodation”, according to 7 News.

“These sheds will be a sauna in summer, freezing in winter and attract all sorts of vermin. People will get severely sick. This should never, ever be an acceptable substitute for housing,” he wrote.

It appears the original post may have since been removed from the Melbourne rental Facebook group.

This is not the first time a shed has been advertised as a great rental opportunity, with a Sydney landlord being brutally shut down last week after being caught trying to illegally rent out a so-called granny flat.

On Facebook Marketplace, good Samaritan Ben spotted a landlord advertising a tin shed based in Campbelltown.

Ben found the advertisement particularly insulting because he reckoned the shed looked like a $300 purchase from Bunnings.

He doubted it had insulation or any kind of airconditioning unit – even though that part of Sydney can be extremely hot in summer.

Ben alerted the local council.Ben alerted the local council.Would you want to live here?Would you want to live here?

Not only was the landlord advertising the granny flat, they were expecting a whopping $1000 a month – or around $230 a week – for the place.

Ben leapt into action realising this was a safety risk for any potential renter.

“I’m not the type to dob people in, but there’s a big difference between a safe granny flat that’s up to code and a serious health risk like this,” Ben, 27, told 7 News.

Taking matters into his own hands, Ben looked up the property on the local council website and found there weren’t any certificates that deemed the property a legal dwelling.

He promptly reported the breach to Campbelltown City Council which issued a demolition notice to the property owner.

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The granny flat has to be destroyed by May.

Ben described the decision to build and list the granny flat as “pure greed” and slammed it as “exploitation of vulnerable people”.

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