‘Severe pest’: Neighbour’s brutal note

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A dog owner has hit back after their puppy was called a “pest” for its continuous barking.

The stoush took place within an apartment complex at Coogee in Sydney’s east when a sticker was placed within a common area that contained harsh words for the pooch’s owners.

“Your dog is a pest while you are home,” the sticker message read.

“Your dog is a severe pest when you are out. Silence the dog you inconsiderate beasts.”

In response, the owner was quick to defend themselves.

“Dear neighbour, thank you for your kind note and informing me that my 12-week-old puppy is disturbing your peace!” the owner wrote in reply.

“I have bought a zap collar in the hopes that he STOPS the horrible behaviour. Sincerely, your BEASTLY neighbour.”

The note was posted in Sydney's eastern suburbs.The note was posted in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Another resident was also quick to come to the owner’s defence, saying the original posting was uncalled for.

“To our new neighbour who put this up: we love you and your sweet dog! Can’t believe someone put up that sticker, how awful!” they said.

“Note: they’re not being serious about the dog collar, it’s pretty obvious it’s sarcasm!”

But online, others sided with the owner’s annoyed neighbour more than the puppy’s behaviour.

“They are both in the wrong. People do have a right to some peace and quiet in their homes,” one user wrote.

“I have two beautiful dogs myself but have lived in the past next to a dog that never ever stopped barking and whining and it was miserable! I couldn’t study, sleep or anything.”

“I do think the note was worded rudely,” another wrote.

“There is a kind respectful way to inform neighbours that their dog is causing you distress from all the noise in a nicer way. Respect and kindness goes both ways.”

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