‘Scumbag’: Bolt lashes out at Mark Latham

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Sky News host Andrew Bolt has unleashed on Mark Latham urging the One Nation MP to “get treatment” for his self-destruct button after he tweeted a vile homophobic slur that was too “pornographic” to publish.

The veteran broadcaster suggested the NSW One Nation leader was no longer welcome on his program – or the broadcaster – insisting the MP needed to seek help for his outbursts.

Mr Latham remains missing in action today after refusing to return Pauline Hanson’s phone call and deleting the tweet in question.

Sky News host Andrew Bolt said Mr Latham's comment was so 'disgusting' he couldn't repeat it.Sky News host Andrew Bolt said Mr Latham’s comment was so ‘disgusting’ he couldn’t repeat it.

“This tweet was so disgusting, so homophobic and so vile in a pornographic way that I cannot even hint at what he said about a gay politician Alex Greenwich, but it was the kind of thing a scumbag would write,‘’ Bolt said.

“Now what was going through his mind I do not know. Latham seems to have a self-destruct button and it’s punching just far too often. Many former colleagues in Labor refuse to speak to him.

“And now this tweet, which I don’t think he’ll ever live down, he will be a pariah and not just here at Sky.”

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson has already asked NSW One Nation Leader Mark Latham to apologise over his “disgusting” tweet.

To date he has not done so and has not surfaced since the furore.

“I’ve actually tried to ring Mark a couple of times to no avail and I have clearly sent a text message to him, telling him my views, and I’ve also asked him to give the people an apology,” Ms Hanson said in a video clip.

Independent member for Sydney Alex Greenwich told ABC radio he did not want to engage with that content of Latham’s tweet.

“I don’t want to even begin to understand how Mark Latham’s mind works. I’m certainly not expecting him to apologise,‘’ he said.

“We’re talking about a person who adopts the cruellest politics from the US and tries to impose it in the NSW parliament.

“I’ve described him as a cruel and lazy person. I don’t intend to engage with the content of the tweet, nor do I intend to really engage with him in the next parliament.”

Last weekend, Mr Latham was out talking to voters. Now he can’t even return Pauline Hanson’s calls. Picture: Julian AndrewsLast weekend, Mr Latham was out talking to voters. Now he can’t even return Pauline Hanson’s calls. Picture: Julian Andrews

Bolt detailed a tumultuous relationship with Mr Latham conceding they had “blow ups” in the past. He questioned whether he would be able to function effectively as a political leader.

“And this is a real problem for Pauline Hanson, the national One Nation leader. Latham taints her. She has tried to rein him in.”

Bolt noted that Senator Hanson’s closest adviser for years “a top bloke is himself gay”.

“Hanson is of course furious. She doesn‘t trust herself to come on tonight. In case you really explode, make things worse,’’ he said.

He ended the broadcast with a direct appeal to Mr Latham to seek help.

“Mark, get treatment. You are such a clever man. You‘ve got so much to offer,’’ he said.

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“When you‘re up you can be wonderful company and also kind but you seem to have a death wish. You crack and then say things that are so cruel and so vicious and are so homophobic. “The one who’s hurt most is you.

“Goodbye and good luck.“

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