Raptor squad taunts rap group

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Dramatic new footage has emerged of the moment negotiations between a controversial Aussie rap group and a specialist police task force turned hostile.

Members of western Sydney rap group OneFour were at Qudos Bank Arena for a world-title boxing match on Sunday when they were confronted by officers from NSW Police’s Raptor squad.

The group were there to perform their hit new song Commas for friend Paulo Aokuso – who they grew up with in Mount Druitt – as he walked out for his fight against opponent Yunieski Gonzalez.

But police quickly moved in to shut the performance down after discovering their plans.

In a clip posted to TikTok by the rap group captioned “WHEN THEY SEE US”, an officer was seen breaking the news to the group.

“You were meant to perform your song, promote it, whatever, for the walkout for your mate that’s fighting – that’s not happening now,” the officer firmly said.

“So there’s no song, there’s no singing, no dancing, there’s no promotion.”

Members of rap group OneFour were searched by police after their plans were foiled to perform at a boxing match. Picture: TikTok / @onefourMembers of rap group OneFour were searched by police after their plans were foiled to perform at a boxing match. Picture: TikTok / @onefour

The officer then went on to clarify negotiations were still underway to decide whether the group would be allowed to shadow Aokuso in his walkout, before the video cut to a new angle.

“On behalf of police, we didn’t know you guys were here to promote your song,” the officer acknowledged before being interrupted by a group member.

“What’s the problem with us promoting our song?,” the group member asked, before the officer responded stating that was the problem.

Scenes intensified when the officer and group member got into a debate over why the song couldn’t be performed.

“Am I going to keep going around in circles?” the officer questioned before instructing everyone to stand with their hands against a garage door.

@onefour WHEN THEY SEE US. #FYP♬ original sound – ONEFOUR

All five members of the group were filmed following police orders as members of the Raptor squad shouted commands.

“I’ve got a body-worn camera that will be recording our interactions,” one of the officers said before asking the group again to put their hands against the wall.

The officer further explained to the artists that if they failed to abide by orders they may be committing an offence before asking if they had “anything on (them) that (they) weren’t supposed to have”.

The member filming the ordeal was first to be searched with the video suddenly ending.

It’s not the first time authorities have intervened with the group’s plans to play their songs in public, with OneFour having some of their concerts foiled in the past as their song lyrics promote anti-social behaviour, violence and take a swing at rival gangs.

OneFour said in a statement that events like this motivates them to succeed. Picture: TikTok / @onefourOneFour said in a statement that events like this motivates them to succeed. Picture: TikTok / @onefour

Following the incident OneFour released a statement saying they didn’t wish for their ordeal to take away from the main event.

“Today is not about us, it’s about Paulo, Tim and the other fighters here today,” they said.

“But it’s disappointing to constantly be denied the opportunity to uplift our people.”

The band said they “remain committed” to overcoming any obstacles that may come their way, and that “situations like these make (them) even more determined to succeed”.

NSW Police said officers attended on Sunday to ensure the safety and security of attendees and the community, as well as each other.

“Police do not tolerate public acts of violence and they also won’t tolerate any behaviour – including music – that clearly incites and provokes retribution and other violent behaviour in NSW,” a police spokesperson said.

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