Pictured: Dog that sparked police stabbing horror

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The dog at the centre of a fatal police shooting in Crystal Brook has been pictured for the first time.

Buddy, a white husky, is being cared for by a friend of his owner Sean Ferris who was killed by police at his home in Crystal Brook on Wednesday.

Mr Ferris was shot after stabbing officers Ian Todd, 53, and Jordan Allely, 32, with a knife.

Sgt Todd and Sgt Allely visited Mr Ferris after a disturbance a day earlier over his dog Buddy.

Mr Ferris shouted at an elderly woman outside Foodland after she petted Buddy.

According to locals Mr Ferris’ behaviour had become more erratic during past weeks because of ongoing disputes over the dog.

Buddy is being cared for by a friend. Picture: Brenton EdwardsBuddy is being cared for by a friend. Picture: Brenton Edwards

One shop owner said the dog was “very aggressive, both in his front yard and when it was tied up out the front of shops in the main street.”

Another said Ferris “used the dog to intimidate people”.

Sgt Todd is still in a critical condition in hospital while Sgt Allely has been discharged.

David Wallace, a close friend of Mr Ferris, disputed claims the dog is aggressive.

“He’s not aggressive at all. Everyone knows Sean and everyone knows the dog, they know it’s friendly,” Mr Wallace told the Advertiser.

Sean Ferris was fatally shot on Wednesday Picture: FacebookSean Ferris was fatally shot on Wednesday Picture: Facebook

“He is quite loud, it hurts your ears, it’s annoying, but it’s not illegal to have a loud dog.

“Maybe they should have spoke to Sean about it in a better manner, rather than continuing to have a go at him about the dog.

“I’ve been down the street this morning and now everyone’s concerned about the dog, yet the dog was what everyone was complaining about.”

Police Minister Joe Szakacs said on Thursday that he had been in contact with the officers and their families.

“I can’t begin to imagine the anxiety and stress their families are going through,” he said at a press conference.

Police have recovered a number of weapons from Mr Ferris’ home including a Samurai sword.

SA Police Commissioner Grant Stevens said a detective superintendent had been appointed to lead a police inquiry into the incident.

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