One Nation’s Pauline Hanson auctioning knitwear for legal fees

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Controversial One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has adopted a bizarre method to fund her defence in court against a Greens Senator she told to “piss off back to Pakistan”.

Deputy Greens leader Mehreen Faruqi launched legal action over the “insulting and humiliating tweet” last year, and rather than apologise, Senator Hanson has doubled down.

Committed to defending herself in court, she has opted to attempt auctioning off a collection of “winter hand knits”, each with a starting bid of $500.

The hopeful entrepreneur made the seven offerings available for public bidding last Tuesday, and chose to model each of the designs herself.

On the One Nation website’s dedicated “Pauline Hanson’s Winter Collection” tab, she can be seen striking a pose in her yellow, red, purple, mauve, green, blue and teal knitwear.

Pauline Hanson is modelling a line of knitwear to help fund her legal fees. Picture: One NationPauline Hanson is modelling a line of knitwear to help fund her legal fees. Picture: One Nation

Early indications suggested the red was the most popular of the items, with bidding currently at $1010, with the purple the next most popular at $620, followed by the mauve and teal, both at $610.

The public has about a month to bid on the knitwear – all sized “universal” – before the auction ends on June 11.

Her “interesting” choice was highlighted on Friday by TikTok creator and 1 News reporter Andrew Macfarlan, who included a clip of Senator Hanson speaking in the Senate Chamber in September.

“I will not, NOT retract what I have told Senator Faruqi or any other Australian that’s come here for a new way of life to disrespect what is Australian to me,” Senator Hanson said.

Bidding for each of the jumpers started at $500. Picture: One NationBidding for each of the jumpers started at $500. Picture: One Nation

“And she can … go where I have said. I make the offer as well, to take her to the airport.”

Senator Faruqi, as part of her defamation case, wants Senator Hanson to donate about $150,000 to charity.

@andrewmacfarlane Pauline Hanson has come up with an *interesting* way to fundraise her legal fees. #australia#australianpolitics#auspol#paulinehanson#onenation#knitting#news♬ Fashion! – Lady Gaga

Australians have poked fun at her optimistic fundraising ploy, with one jokester suggesting the “Kath and Kim wardrobe department could have put in a bid”.

“Did she knit these herself or did someone from another country do it?” another replied, with someone sarcastically remarking, “they were made in Pakistan”.

“Is this like her own version of OnlyFans?” another viewer joked.

Many were simply curious to see what happened next.

“Horrible person. Honestly iconic plan,” one said.

“Love to know if anyone buys them and who those people would be,” another added.

After being hit with the legal case, Senator Hanson penned a blog post where she repeatedly misspelled Senator Faruqi’s first name, and accused the Greens of trying to bankrupt her and kick her out of parliament.

So far the red sweater has received the highest bidding, with purple not far behind. Picture: One NationSo far the red sweater has received the highest bidding, with purple not far behind. Picture: One Nation

“The Greens are trying to silence me because I spoke out against their deputy leader, Meereen (sic) Faruqi, for her disgusting attack on Queen Elizabeth II, made on the very day of her passing,” Senator Hanson said.

“I’ll be blunt. The Greens are taking me to court because they want to bankrupt me and kick me out of parliament. But I won‘t let them.

“If they can silence me, they’ll be coming for you next, I refuse to let that happen.”

Senator Hanson urged her supporters to rise up and take action by sending One Nation money.

“I believe in free speech and the right to stand up for what we believe in. That’s why I am asking you to donate what you can to help me defend myself against their attacks. Every dollar counts,’’ she said.

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