MP launches legal attack on Latham’s slurs

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Investigations into controversial NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham are currently underway after Sydney MP Alex Greenwich revealed he lodged an official complaint against him to the state’s anti-discrimination board.

NSW Police and Anti-Discrimination NSW are conducting inquiries into Mr Latham after he published a largely graphic and offensive tweet directed towards Mr Greenwich on March 30.

Mr Latham’s vile tweet was published after Mr Greenwich – who is openly gay – blasted the NSW leader for his involvement in an event where LGBTIQA+ members were targeted.

Sydney MP Alex Greenwich has lodged a complaint against Mark Latham. Picture: Nikki Short/NCA NewsWireSydney MP Alex Greenwich has lodged a complaint against Mark Latham. Picture: Nikki Short/NCA NewsWire

“Mark Latham is a disgusting human being and people who are considering voting for One Nation need to realise they are voting for an extremely hateful and dangerous individual who risks causing a great deal of damage to our state,” Mr Greenwich said.

In response, Mr Latham’s now-deleted read “Disgusting? How does that compare with -” before making a crude reference to a sexual act.

The tweet remained online for about three hours before it was deleted.

Despite removing the comment, Mr Latham on multiple occasions refused to apologise.

First he posted a link supporting Donald Trump alongside a cryptic message reading “‘never apologise, never explain, turns out to be right”.

He then doubled-down on his decision by claiming his opinions matched those of the public.

“I’m only saying what normal people know to be the truth,” he said.

“The elites deny this because they are caught up in a weird identity politics cult. In which alphabet people are accorded automatic sainthood.”

Mark Latham refused to apologise for his comments. Picture: Julian AndrewsMark Latham refused to apologise for his comments. Picture: Julian Andrews

He then went on to reference Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale, who identified as transgender and killed six people in the horror tragedy last month.

“How many other homicidal maniacs get a leave pass, like this trans shooter in Nashville?” he wrote. “Alphabet Ideology is a direct threat to the fairness of the rule of law, a pillar of Western civilisation.”

In the days following the tweet’s publication, Mr Greenwich discussed the emotional toll the event had on him and how he hoped Mr Latham was “okay” on a “human level”.

“At a very human level I hope that he’s okay, the comments he made are obviously not comments of a well person,” he told reporters.

“I had a bit of a cry late yesterday at the end of the day, after being in this gig for a decade and being re-elected, I didn’t think I would still be subjected to homophobic abuse.

“But I woke up refreshed and really recommitted to LGBTQIA law reform with my colleagues, the majority of whom I know support the community.”

One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson also called on Mr Latham to apologise for his “disgusting” comments.

“I want you to know that I don’t condone them and neither do my members of parliament or party associates, I think they are disgusting,” Ms Hanson said in a video shared to her own Twitter account following the incident.

“I’ve actually tried to ring Mark a couple of times, to no avail, and I have clearly sent a text message to him, telling him my views and also I’ve asked him to give the people an apology.”

Now, a month on from the distressing ordeal, Mr Greenwich has released a statement explaining he filed a complaint against the One Nation member on the basis of homosexual vilification, with defamation proceedings also on the cards unless an apology is made.

“Enough is enough,” the statement read, according to the ABC.

“I‘ve been openly gay in public life for 15 years and in parliament for over 10 years, and never have I experienced such a homophobic, sexualised attack that exposed me to contempt, ridicule and extreme abuse, based on my sexuality.”

Pauline Hanson responded to Mark Latham’s tweets in a video. Picture: TwitterPauline Hanson responded to Mark Latham’s tweets in a video. Picture: Twitter

The statement also indicated Mr Greenwich’s legal team would be approaching Twitter, following the platform’s regulation around “homophobia, transphobia, racism and bigotry”.

NSW Police confirmed officers attached to Surry Hills Police Area Command have “commenced an investigation after receiving reports of online harassment directed at a 42-year-old man”.

“Inquiries are continuing,” a spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Anti-Discrimination NSW declined to comment on the matter due to secrecy provisions in the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977.

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