Minns reveals guilty pleasure

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The NSW Labor leader has shared the guilty pleasure he enjoys every night while sitting down for an intimate interview with his wife.

Chris Minns and his wife Anna sat down with Nine News for an interview in the final run up to the March 25 state election.

During the interview, the Member for Kogarah cleared up a rumour about a longstanding late-night habit he partakes in every night.

Mrs Minns said every night after eating a full dinner, Mr Minns follows up his meal with a bowl of cereal.

“Every night, and the kids have taken it up now, it‘s sending us broke,” she said.

She recalls she once visited him on a campaign in Coffs Harbour and discovered the cupboards of his kitchen lined with every brand of cereal.

Chris Minns sat down with Nine for an intimate interview with wife Anna. Picture: 9 NewsChris Minns sat down with Nine for an intimate interview with wife Anna. Picture: 9 News

Minns buried his face in his hands but tried to defend himself by saying it all started when his family went gluten-free a few years ago.

During the eye-opening interview, Minns also gave some insight into his reading pressures.

Mrs Minns said he has had his head buried in Prince Harry’s explosive memoir Spare.

“It was really good … it’s interesting,” he added.

When Nine News asked former Premier Gladys Berejiklian what her guilty pleasure was, she admitted it was reality television show Married at First Sight.

Premier Dominic Perrottet will take part in the at-home interview series next week.

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