Major problem with electric vehicle exposed in TikTok

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An Australian driver has revealed a glaring problem with electric vehicles after finding himself stranded on the side of the road when one of his tyres went flat.

Eddy May was driving home in his electric Mercedes-Benz EQC-400 on Sunday just before midday when his rear left wheel deflated, leaving him and his wife stranded on the side of the road in Adelaide.

Making use of an in-car customer service offered in the luxury model, he pressed a button and spent five minutes on the phone with Mercedes about the tyre.

Glaring problem with electric vehicles

“I’ve spoken to them, they’re sending a tow truck,” Mr May told his followers in a clip shared to TikTok.

“Quick five minutes on the phone, a $200 cab charge voucher to get home, [and the] car’s going to get towed to Mercedes and the car’s going to be fixed tomorrow apparently,” he said.

About 35 minutes later, the $128,000 vehicle was loaded onto a tow truck and the couple’s taxi arrived.

By just after 12pm, they were on their way home.

“Pretty good. Well done Mercedes,” Mr May said.

An Australian man has revealed a glaring problem behind electric vehicles after being stranded on the side of the road.An Australian man has revealed a glaring problem behind electric vehicles after being stranded on the side of the road.

But his video praising Mercedes for their service raised questions over why a spare tyre wasn’t kept inside the car as it would be for petrol cars.

“There’s no spare in this f**king car because all the room is taken up with batteries and so forth,” Mr May said.

Most electric vehicles don’t come with spare tyres given the extra space and weight they require.

“I would be severely unimpressed with needing a tow truck, taxi ride, loan car and what 1-2 days without my car over a flat tyre,” one comment on the video read.

“I would much prefer the 10 minutes to change the tyre,” another wrote.

“Great service, interesting way of saving the planet and reducing carbon emissions. Taxi ride and tow truck compared with carrying a spare tyre,” a third said.

Mr May argued the vehicle still worked out to be friendlier on the environment overall, even though it used a lot of resources when a tyre blew out.

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In response to someone who described the car a “joke”, he said it was still ahead in terms of emissions.

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