Kyle and Jackie O reveal pick for premier

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Kyle and Jackie O have revealed live on air who they‘ll be voting for in the upcoming NSW state election.

On Tuesday morning, state Labor leader Chris Minns spoke to the KIIS radio duo and impressed them with his musical skills enough for the pair to confirm they’d be voting for him.

Minns, who played a duet cover of Lady Gaga’s Shallow with Jackie O, said he was a “pretty substandard guitarist” and also revealed his smoking habits.

NSW Labor leader Chris Minns showed off his musical talent on live radio. Picture: SuppliedNSW Labor leader Chris Minns showed off his musical talent on live radio. Picture: Supplied

“I don’t vape, no, I’ve never vaped,” he said in response to comments about Premier Dominic Perrottet’s recent smoking revelation.

“I’ve got a friend, Steve Kamper, member for Rockdale, and he swears by it to be honest with you. He says it’s the thing that he used to get off his pack-a-day habit.”

“I know vaping is probably not that great, but there’s not a lot of studies done on it, but it’s got to be better than the cigarettes,” Sandilands said.

Mr Minns said he’d never vaped. Picture: SuppliedMr Minns said he’d never vaped. Picture: Supplied

Mr Minns said cost of living was a big issue as well as the rising cost of tolls.

“Particularly for western Sydney, we’re seeing new public transport built closer to the coast in the eastern suburbs, but for those that have to use toll roads, I mean, you shouldn’t be disadvantaged because that’s the only thing that’s been built in your community,” he said.

Sandilands asked Mr Minns if he was worried about being the “better looking candidate”.

“Of the things I’m worried about, no that’s not one,” he said.

Sandilands said Labor was in with a good chance if the state could “give them a crack”.

“I‘ve never heard anything negative about you and there’s a bit of negative stuff with the opposition there, the other bloke,” Sandilands said.

He sang a Lady Gaga song with Jackie O. Picture: SuppliedHe sang a Lady Gaga song with Jackie O. Picture: Supplied

“Chris Minns, good luck. Leader of a NSW Labor Party, not only is he a great politician, he is the hottest politician ever and he’s also a guitar player. Does it get any better than that?”

Sandilands said he’d be voting Labor after meeting Mr Minns the day after the show also spoke to Liberal leader Dominic Perrottet.

“I know who I’m gonna vote for – you. We’ve made that quite clear. I like you. I met Dom, he seems all right. I felt a bit awkward yesterday when he was on here. I didn’t know if we got a lot of depth,” Sandilands said.

“You’re getting my vote, Chris Minns.”

The NSW election will be held on Saturday March 25.

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