Jubelin: This makes you complicit in child abuse

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Opinion: Predatory adults having sex with innocent children. That’s what we are talking about here. If that crime doesn’t disgust you, then you and I have a problem.

There are often grey areas involved in criminal acts, but not when it comes to an adult

abusing an innocent child for their own sexual gratification. There are no excuses or areas of mitigation. Please don’t try and tell me there are, because adults should not have sex with children.

Children can’t consent, there is no justification or excuses.

When I was working as a cop, I often came across paedophiles, and they are not nice people. I found them to be extremely manipulative, deliberately presenting themselves as nice, decent people. This false persona creates situations where they have access to children because people trust them and don’t see them as a threat.

It worried me how proactive they were in their endeavours to groom potential victims.

Their powerful sexual urges and fantasies were difficult to suppress. They were often preoccupied with finding their next victim. That’s what notorious paedophile Jeffrey Hillsley did when he befriended a man to get access to a 10-year-old girl.

Self-confessed serial paedophile Jeffrey John Hillsley.Self-confessed serial paedophile Jeffrey John Hillsley.

It was quite chilling when I interviewed Hillsley, listening to him describe how he murdered the friend (who cannot be named) in 2003 before raping his young stepdaughter.

Thankfully, Hillsley is doing life in prison, but it reaffirmed to me just how dangerous predatory paedophiles are.


What also concerns me about children being sexually abused is the amount of people who are aware of this occurring but choose to remain silent. Why does this happen? One would think any decent person would stand up and support a child that has been sexually abused, but from what I have seen that is not necessarily the case.

Quite often these matters are swept under the carpet because it is too confronting, or in the case of abuses happening within the family because it will break up the family if the abuse becomes public. That’s simply not good enough. If you are aware of the sexual abuse of a child and choose not to come forward you are complicit in the act — if not legally then certainly morally.

How Predators track kids online

Since leaving the police, I have adopted a less rigid view of what is right or wrong regarding certain crimes, but not when it relates to the sexual abuse of children. In fact, I have come

to the terrible realisation that a great deal of people I spent my police career locking up were victims of sexual abuse as children. It was that evil act where their innocence and

trust were taken away that led them on a path of self-destruction often involving substance abuse, crime, and time in prison.

Things need to change, we need to talk about child sexual abuse, regardless of how uncomfortable it makes us feel. The phrase ‘prevention is better than cure’ has been around for centuries and it is mostly aligned with health care. Well perhaps we should look at child sexual abuse in the same way. Let’s make it stop.

That’s why actor Madeleine West, herself a victim of child sexual abuse, and myself, a former cop, have decided to do a podcast series called ‘Predatory’, warning people about these predators who prey on innocent children.

We hope the information and messages contained in the eight-part podcast series will create a

safer environment for children and make it much harder for people to sexually abuse children.

Evil paedophile Brett Peter Cowan who abducted and murdered Daniel Morcombe.Evil paedophile Brett Peter Cowan who abducted and murdered Daniel Morcombe.

We delve deep into a world most people don’t want to discuss, simply because it’s too confronting. Listeners to the podcast will get tips on how to safeguard children and get a

greater understanding of the impact this crime has on our society; the figures are staggering.

Both Madeleine and I are passionate about trying to make a difference. This podcast series

will also hopefully make the courts appreciate the damage that is done on the victims and call out those people who choose to do nothing when they are aware of abuse happening.

Our children need to be protected.

— Gary Jubelin is a former NSW homicide detective.

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