‘I’m looking for a wake woman, unvaccinated’

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Poster boy for the anti-vax movement in Australia, Jay Hernandez, is looking for love and has shared his difficulties finding a compatible partner.

Mr Hernandez runs the popular Telegram channel ‘@australiaforfreedom’ – a message board for all things anti-vax, anti-lockdown, anti-Dan Andrews, and of course, freedom.

But in a rare moment of candidness on Tuesday, he revealed dating can be tough given his prerequisites for a potential partner.

“Just wanted to speak about something, guys in regards to being single and looking for someone and unvaccinated or uninjected,” he told his almost 25,000 subscribers.

“It’s very hard to meet someone that is uncoaxinated or awake.”

Prominent anti-vax activist Jay Hernandez is looking for love. Picture: TelegramProminent anti-vax activist Jay Hernandez is looking for love. Picture: Telegram

He went on to detail the struggle to find love over the last three years – guessing that only 30 per cent of the dating pool was “uncoaxed” (unvaxxed).

“It’s full-on guys, I’ve even signed up to Tinder recently,” he explained.

“I’m looking for a wake woman, unvaccinated.”

And Mr Hernandez believed his Tinder profile was censored for just that in his bio – which amounted to “discrimination”.

A Tinder spokesperson told news.com.au that its goal was to allow members to express themselves authentically, given it doesn’t offend others.

“The Vaccine Centre is intended to provide a way for our members to advocate and share their support for vaccination via interactive stickers on their profile,” the dating platform said.

‘It’s very hard to make someone that is uncoaxinated or awake’, he says.‘It’s very hard to make someone that is uncoaxinated or awake’, he says.

“As outlined in the Vaccine Centre, the ‘I’m Vaccinated’ sticker is self-reported and not independently verified. The stickers are available for members to show status, support and encourage others to get vaccinated.”

Oddly enough, some women who did tick his boxes were still not a good fit.

“Even some of the awake people are f***ing nuts as well,” he said.

“There’s a small percentage of people that are actually awake and are critical thinkers that are not nutcases.

“To find someone that’s your soulmate – an unvaccinated, awake woman in these times, it’s going to be a journey, guys.

“I’ve opened my eyes to the universe and my heart to bring me that girl.”

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