Guy towered over neighbour with brick: court

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Guy Sebastian allegedly “towered over” his neighbour “with a brick in his hand” over a dispute about a fence, a court has heard.

Phillip Richard Hanslow, 66, faced Waverley Local Court charged with intimidating with intent to cause fear of physical or mental harm to the inaugural Australian Idol winner and damaging his property.

Police allege he threatened to kill the musician and kicked over the fence of his $3.1m Maroubra home.

Mr Hanslow’s lawyer, Bryan Wrench, told the court he doesn’t “think this will be resolved,” adding he hoped the assessment of CCTV footage in court would result in the charges being dismissed.

“This is a matter where the dispute arose when Hanslow was fixing his fence to match the look of Sebastian’s house at the time,” Mr Wrench said.

Guy Sebastian (l) and neighbour Phillip Hanslow (r)Guy Sebastian (l) and neighbour Phillip Hanslow (r)

“I should say that fence has now been fully repaired on his side to match Guy’s”.

Mr Wrench said the footage “will show Guy Sebastian with brick in his hand towering over my client”.

“He didn’t provide it (the footage) to police or on the last occasion; he’s engaged with lawyers now to comply”.

Looking at a picture of the CCTV footage, Magistrate Milledge said: “I’m assuming this one is Mr Sebastian’s house?”

“What do they say? Good fences make good neighbours”.

Mr Hanslow has not pleaded to the charges. Picture: Alex Turner-Cohen/ Hanslow has not pleaded to the charges. Picture: Alex Turner-Cohen/

She subpoenaed Sebastian to provide the footage by March 23 and ordered a brief to be served by April 13.

Unlike at his previous court appearance, Mr Hanslow arrived alone and was not wheeling his terminal wife.

He wore a blue collared shirt and continually rubbed his eyes as he awaited his matter.

Outside court, he told reporters he had recently “spent four hours on an operating table and had part of (his bowel removed)” while Mr Wrench said he was looking forward to his client clearing his name.

At an earlier court appearance – when the matter was adjourned for an unrepresented Mr Hanslow to seek legal advice and have a medical procedure – Mr Hanslow said police “bashed down his door” and arrested him while he was on the toilet.

Sebastian’s house (l) next to Mr Hanslow’s Picture: Jeremy PiperSebastian’s house (l) next to Mr Hanslow’s Picture: Jeremy Piper

“All over just a heated argument with a neighbour which I think is clearly overboard,” he had told reporters.

“I’m 66 — on my way out, I suppose — my body’s worn out from years and years of working as a tradie, so it’s not easy trying to deal with what’s in front of me, but you’ve got to just move forward and do your best”.

He became emotional as he shared the toll of the legal fight on his and his wife’s health.

Sebastian’s dispute with his neighbour has been ongoing for six years. Picture: NCA Newswire/Gaye GerardSebastian’s dispute with his neighbour has been ongoing for six years. Picture: NCA Newswire/Gaye Gerard

Earlier in court, Sebastian sought and had approved an interim apprehended violence order against Mr Hanslow, meaning he could not contact the singer or enter his property.

Mr Hanslow allegedly intimidated Sebastian and kicked his fence between 1:10pm and 1:40pm in an affluent Torrington Rd in Maroubra, in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

No pleas have been entered.

Sebastian and Mr Hanslow have been reportedly fighting since Sebastian and his wife built their “fortress” in 2016.

When the couple demolished the original home to build their massive “dream home,” Mr Hanslow reportedly became frustrated as a “brick missile” made of debris smashed into an outside wall which was not far from his wife.

Mr Hanslow has previously called the mansion an “ugly fortress”.

He’s since moved to a run down property in Carlton in Sydney’s southwest.

His celebrity lawyer, Mr Wrench, ended up representing Mr Hanslow by pure chance.

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