Girlfriend’s sick revenge on love rat’s mistress

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A furious woman who walked in on her love rat boyfriend cheating on her took revenge on the pair by sharing explicit videos of the pair having sex.

Heidi Jane Schneider, 24, caught her man sleeping in a hotel bed, with another woman in the room, The Messenger reported.

Schneider’s lawyer Thomas Press told Adelaide Magistrates Court that a fight then broke out between his client and her boyfriend.

Heidi Schneider. Photo: FacebookHeidi Schneider. Photo: Facebook

When Schneider, who was high on ice at the time, saw the other woman laughing, she grabbed her phone and fled.

“My client, enraged, having caught her partner cheating on her … and with clouded judgment from the methamphetamine use saw the victim’s handbag,” Mr Press told the court.

“In regrettable, spur of the moment action (she) took the mobile phone.”

Schneider went through the phone and found pictures and videos of the woman engaged in sex acts.

The spurned woman then shared the material with her boyfriend.

Heidi Schneider. Photo: FacebookHeidi Schneider. Photo: Facebook

Schneider pleaded guilty to theft and distributing invasive images.

Mr Press said she felt “extreme guilt” about what she had done and that she had turned her life around by finding work and kicking her meth habit.

Magistrate Teresa Anderson said Schneider should have taken out her anger on her boyfriend.

“Your rage really should have been at your partner, he was the one that was cheating on you,” she said.

Schneider was handed a $1000, 12-month good behaviour bond.

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