Fashion influencer abused while filming

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Fashion influencer Emilee Clarke has gone viral after sharing a video of her being verbally abused on the street while filming social media content.

Clarke was wearing a skin-tight, bright pink dress and was trying to film herself outside an apartment block on the Gold Coast when her photo-shoot was interrupted by a complete stranger that lambasted her.

“I’m not affecting you in any way,” Clarke is heard telling the woman.

Fashion influencer Emilee Clarke. Picture: TikTokFashion influencer Emilee Clarke. Picture: TikTokShe said she found the experience scary. Picture: InstagramShe said she found the experience scary. Picture: Instagram

“You’re affecting me because we pay lots of money to live here and we don’t want somebody like you, who is really cheap,” the woman said.

Clarke replied that she wasn’t cheap, but the woman continued her tirade.

“How much you charge?” she said.

Clarke explained she doesn’t “charge”, but the woman retorted, “You are charged. If you are doing something like that you are charged.”

The woman threatened to call the police before eventually walking away and muttering, “She deserves to die.”

Clarke caught the incident on camera and uploaded it on TikTok, where it has amassed more than 800,000 views.


The reality of trying to take a cute outfit pic in australia when ghis stranger decided to verbally abuse me #contentcreator#microinfluencer#fashion#reallife#bullying#fyp

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Clarke said she often films content outside of that apartment block, so she was surprised to be verbally abused.

“Her aggressive behaviour made me feel like she would try to touch me physically to ‘remove me’, like push me away or something,” Clarke said.

Speaking to, Clarke said the tirade had left her feeling unsettled and anxious.

“I feel absolutely shamed and horrible about myself, like I was doing something wrong for feeling cute and confident to take a picture,” she said.

Clarke added that she left after the woman threatened to call the police and was unsure if she followed through with it.

“I didn’t want the drama,” she said.

Clarke loves creating fashion content. Source: InstagramClarke loves creating fashion content. Source: InstagramShe was horrified she got yelled at. Source: InstagramShe was horrified she got yelled at. Source: Instagram

Clarke said the verbal spray was particularly upsetting because her content aims to empower women, and she was just torn to shreds by one.

“I get paid by brands to take the content and empower women and create something engaging and fun — not to be torn down and judged for feeling good [or] looking good,” she said.

Users on TikTok have thrown their support behind the influencer.

“Seriously! So sorry this happened to you,” one person wrote.

“You handled that with grace, style and dignity,” another added.

“I can’t believe this woman!” a third wrote.

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Clarke is now hunting for a new apartment block to use as a filming backdrop. She explained she wouldn’t return to the same building because she was too fearful.

“No not now — way too scared to get abused again,” she said.

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