Ex-wife finds ‘Big mama’ VHS of vile rape

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A rapist who filmed the horrific sexual assault of a woman three decades ago has been sentenced to five years in prison after his ex-wife discovered the VHS tape named “Big Mama” that led to his conviction.

Boghos “Paul” Parizian, 58, was found guilty by a NSW District Court jury in February of 11 counts of sexual intercourse without consent.

He pleaded not guilty to the charges and faced a trial where the hour-long footage was played to the jury, showing Parizian’s interaction with the woman.

During Parizian’s sentencing in the NSW District Court on Friday, Judge Jane Culver said he took advantage of a woman who had been “so obviously affected by something” and was rendered “less able to resist the offences”.

Parizian claimed the pair were “role playing” and the woman was “playing like she didn’t want it”, but the jury rejected this notion and found he knew the victim was not consenting.

The court was told the woman had told Parizian she no longer wanted to be intimate with him in the early 1990s but had agreed to see him one more time just “as a friend”.

Boghos Parizian was convicted in the New South Wales District Court of 11 counts of sexual intercourse without consent. Picture: SuppliedBoghos Parizian was convicted in the New South Wales District Court of 11 counts of sexual intercourse without consent. Picture: Supplied

He offered to buy her an alcoholic drink, but she said no and asked for orange juice instead. The woman quickly began to feel sick.

Judge Culver told the court the woman believed Parizian was driving her home but found herself at his house in Liverpool.

“She remembers going upstairs and walking through the hallway, she remembers being in his bedroom and she told him she wasn’t feeling well,” Judge Culver said.

The woman told the court at trial there was a mattress on the floor, but it was not where it usually was and was facing a wardrobe where the doors were open.

She did not remember what happened next, as Parizian repeatedly threatened her as he raped her for an hour.

Judge Culver said the footage, which was played to the jury at trial, shows the victim was “clearly not in a fit state to consent”, as she was “significantly affected by something”.

“The DVD reveals the offender was sometimes forceful and violent towards the victim … he repeatedly threatened her if she did not comply with his demands,” the judge said.

He was sentenced to a non-parole period of five years.He was sentenced to a non-parole period of five years.

The court was told the victim persistently said “no”, while Parizian threatened: “Please, you can’t stop me … I’m going to do it once, it’s going to be the last time.”

The judge described it as “particularly insidious”, as Parizian was “intent on having one last time with the victim”.

Another excerpt read to the court revealed Parizian said: “Just once and I won’t ask you for anything else anymore please … please give me a kiss, hug me, I want it my way today.”

Judge Culver said these excerpts established that Parizian knew beyond reasonable doubt the victim was not consenting.

While defence counsel claimed the victim knew she was being filmed, the Crown’s case was the woman was highly suspicious of the camera, which made the offending more serious, Judge Culver said.

“He lied to the victim by denying he was filming the sexual activity,” she said.

Parizian repeatedly denied he was filming, saying the camera was “nothing” before trying to say it was broken and not filming.

In the years following the rape, Parizian threatened the victim with the video in an attempt to force her into a relationship, the court was told.

Parizian’s ex-wife Mona Bennett found the VHS hidden in her garage. Picture: A Current AffairParizian’s ex-wife Mona Bennett found the VHS hidden in her garage. Picture: A Current Affair

The video, labelled “Big Mama” was uncovered by Parizian’s estranged wife Mona Bennett in 2009 in her garage.

By this time Ms Bennett had separated from Parizian and kicked him out, but he insisted he needed to collect some items from the house.

The tape wasn’t handed to police until 2015, prompting detectives to find the victim and lay charges.

A victim impact statement revealed the devastating harm on the woman, the judge told the court.

In the statement, the victim said Parizian “destroyed” her life.

“Paul, you are a predator and a monster,” the statement reads.

“I wish I’d never met you. You destroyed my life as a young woman.”

The woman said after Parizian threatened her with the tape, she was so horrified that she attempted to take her own life.

She said she waited “seven long years” to have her day in court and suffered anxiety while waiting for the verdict.

“There is no penalty great enough for a person like you capable of such a horrific assault. You deserve everything you get,” the woman said.

Judge Culver said Parizian believed women’s interests were often malevolent and 90 per cent of women were gold diggers. She said this showed his lack of remorse.

For all 11 offences, Judge Culver sentenced Parizian to 7½ years imprisonment, with a non-parole period of five years.

Parizian will be eligible for parole on February 26, 2028.

“To truly understand the gravity of the offence one needs to watch the video,” the judge said.

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