Eagle-eyed shopper spots problem with Kmart undies

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A shopper has called out a major retailer after spotting a pricing bungle on a pair of Kmart undies.

A bright yellow ticket advertised the “sale” price of $8 on a pair of the popular anti-ride mid-length bamboo blend trunks at the Gladstone store in central Queensland.

But its original price tag was $6.

Shopper Michael Sanderson spotted the undies on Monday, saying it “seems a bit dodgy”.

To make things more confusing, he bought two pairs last week.

“I noticed a lot of their men’s underwear seem to have been repriced with yellow ‘sale’ stickers with the original price tab removed,” he said.

“I purchased two pairs last week for $6 each (not on sale) while this week they have been reticketed to $8.

Kmart price tag raises eyebrows in Central Queensland.Kmart price tag raises eyebrows in Central Queensland.

“Then I came across a couple sets of underwear ‘sale’ [items] ticketed for $8 but they seem to have forgotten to remove the original price tab of $6.”

A photo shared with news.com.au shows just that. The tag brandishing the original price appears to have a tear-off section above the price.

The pricing bungle left Mr Sanderson scratching his head.

He said: “$6 on sale for $8? What’s their game here?

“Seems a bit dodgy to see all these garments yellow tagged and original price tabs removed.”

A Kmart spokesperson later said that it was an accident, explaining that the store had placed the markdown price on the wrong version of the product.

The undies were snapped at this Kmart store in Gladstone, Queensland.The undies were snapped at this Kmart store in Gladstone, Queensland.

The anti-ride bamboo blend trunks come in two length options, and the markdown price was mistakenly placed on the mid-length version, causing the price to appear to have gone up.

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“So while the price appears to have gone up, the correct pricing actually provides a $2 markdown on the mid-length trunks,” the Kmart spokesperson said.

“We encourage any customer who is unsure about the price of a product in-store to use one of our price check stations located throughout the store or reach out to one of our friendly team members for assistance.”

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