Driver’s mistake moments before fatal crash

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A mother who died with her two children in a horrendous Sydney car crash last week was reportedly talking on speakerphone moments before the incident, causing her to miss a turn-off and make a sudden manoeuvre.

Katrina Prahastono, 34, was at the wheel of her Mazda SUV when it collided with a cement truck on the Hume Motorway on March 13. Her kids, two-year-old Kai and three-month-old Ivy, also died as a result of the crash.

The Daily Telegraph spoke to a relative of Mrs Prahastono, who said she “got distracted” while speaking to a friend via speakerphone.

“The friend she was speaking to has told police … Kat said to her, ‘Oh no, I’ve missed my turn, now I’ll have to try to turn around somewhere,’” the relative told the newspaper.

Katrina Prahastono (right) with her children and husband, Ian. Picture: FacebookKatrina Prahastono (right) with her children and husband, Ian. Picture: Facebook

NSW Police are investigating whether Mrs Prahastono was on the phone, and whether that did contribute to the incident.

A former journalist who was travelling behind the cement truck at the time of the crash, Steve Barrett, told The Telegraph he saw Mrs Prahastono’s car veer through an opening in the safety barrier and cross onto the wrong side of the motorway.

“About a second before the collision, I saw the cement truck jolt left in an attempt to avoid it, but it was too late,” Mr Barrett said.

He called emergency services while other motorists tried to save Ivy – Mrs Prahastono and Kai were still stuck inside the vehicle.

“As tragic as it was, I’d like the dead woman’s husband to know people tried their very best to save his family,” he said.

Mr Barrett said he felt sorry for the truck driver, who appeared to be “in shock”.

The scene of the crash. Picture: TwitterThe scene of the crash. Picture: TwitterIan and Katrina Prahastono. Picture: FacebookIan and Katrina Prahastono. Picture: Facebook

In an emotional social media post before he laid his wife and children to rest, Mrs Prahastono’s husband Ian said that he lost the love of his life, as well as a perfect boy and beautiful baby girl.

“I don’t think I could ever put into words the pain I feel from losing my whole world,” Mr Prahastono wrote.

“I am so lost and trying my best to find a purpose in life once more, but despite being physically, emotionally and spiritually battered, I‘m holding on to my faith and will continue to move forward one step at a time.”

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