Crazy reason Aussies can’t buy a new car

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A whopping 60,000 new cars are stuck on boats off the Australian coast due to a backlog of quarantine cleaning.

Trent Nikolic, the managing editor of, told 2GB’s Chris O’Keefe it takes 24 hours working around the clock to unload a vessel carrying 3000 new cars, however, the quarantine cleaning itself can only clean a rate of nine cars per hour.

According to Mr Nikolic, only 350 new cars per week are delivered, even though we’re buying over 21,000 in that time.

“When we last checked this there were at least 24 car-carrying ships that were either in limbo or waiting to dock,” he said.

Around 60,000 new cars are stuck on boats off the coast of Australia.Around 60,000 new cars are stuck on boats off the coast of Australia.

“These aren’t Rolls Royces, these are just general average cars the Australian families need to get around and they are waiting a year or 18 months.”

He said sellers of second-hand cars are “laughing”.

“If you’re selling a second-hand car you’ll do well, but you have to make sure you’re not waiting two years for a new one,” Mr Nikolic said.

He particularly empathised with car dealers who struggled during Covid and maybe stuck with old products.

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“They finally get good products and they are going to have to wait almost two years,” he said.

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