Court blow for brother of gang rapists

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The youngest brother of the infamous gang rapists Bilal and Mohammed Skaf has been convicted of driving with cocaine in his system.

On Tuesday, Waverley court heard Hadi Skaf was stopped by police while driving a Toyota Corolla along New South Head Rd in Double Bay just before 10pm on September 10.

The 23-year-old was subjected to a roadside drug test which detected cocaine in his saliva.

The positive reading was confirmed in a secondary test at the police station, the court was told.

Hadi Skaf was convicted of driving with cocaine in his system.Hadi Skaf was convicted of driving with cocaine in his system.

Magistrate Ross Hudson told the court Skaf had a similar matter on his record from last year which did not result in a conviction.

“He has a traffic history which doesn’t assist him,” he said.

The court heard the Greenacre resident was also subject to outstanding conditional release orders which require him to obey the law.

The orders related to previous convictions for supplying illegal drugs and dealing with the proceeds of a crime, Magistrate Hudson noted.

Neither Skaf nor his lawyer appeared in Waverley Court on Tuesday where he was convicted in his absence.

Magistrate Hudson disqualified the 23-year-old from driving for six months and fined him $1200.

The sentencing came less than a month after Skaf’s family home in Greenacre was peppered with bullets in a drive-by shooting on the night of November 13.

The youngest Skaf brother was reportedly the target of the attack on his home, where he lives with his family including his brother Mohammed, who is monitored by an electronic anklet.

Mohammed and another of Skaf’s brothers, Bilal, became infamous more than 22 years ago when they carried out a series of horrifying gang rapes in Sydney. The young Skaf was not involved.

Convicted rapist offender Bilal Skaf.Convicted rapist offender Bilal Skaf.Convicted rapist Mohammed Skaf.Convicted rapist Mohammed Skaf.

A gang of nine Lebanese-Australian Muslim youths led by Bilal, who was 18 years old at the time, targeted young, non-Muslim girls in the atrocious string of sexual assaults.

The rapes were so degrading that the judge described them as “worse than murder”.

Rapist ringleader Bilal Skaf was sentenced to 55 years behind bars, which was revised to 38 years on appeal.

Mohammed Skaf served 21 years in prison before he was controversially released in October last year.

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