Cop drugged, raped women he met via Tinder

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A former policeman who was once nominated for officer of the year before he was found guilty of drugging, raping and filming 13 women has been handed a record jail term for his “unprecedented” crimes.

Adrian Trevor Moore, 52, committed the depraved acts over a 12-year period, meeting some of his victims via online dating apps and websites such as Tinder and RSVP.

The former senior constable even used the police computer system to look up details of some women.

Moore stood trial in the West Australian District Court, charged with 87 offences, including aggravated sexual penetration without consent, aggravated sexual coercion and aggravated indecent assault.

Some of the evidence was so confronting that the jury asked for urgent counselling, which was granted.

Former policeman Adrian Trevor Moore committed his crimes over 12 years.Former policeman Adrian Trevor Moore committed his crimes over 12 years.

During one incident, Moore raped a victim while wearing his police uniform.

Some of his offending against his victims involved animals and objects.

Moore, who admitted being interested in BDSM, argued some of the alleged sexual acts did not happen, and claimed others were consensual.

It took the jury little more than six hours to find Moore guilty of all the charges.

He was sentenced on Tuesday to 30 years in prison and must serve at least 28 years before he can be eligible for parole.

It is believed to be the highest sentence ever handed down in WA for sexual offending.

Moore was sentenced to six months behind bars in 2019 for using a police computer to access the details of almost 100 women.

He pleaded guilty to 180 charges in total and was also fined $2000 for possessing images of bestiality.

That case ultimately led police to uncover his other crimes.

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