Conspiracy theoristthreatens to sue local paper

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A conspiracy theorist and self-described “free thinker” is threatening to sue his local newspaper and Surf Life Saving NSW over a cancelled event they claim was caused by him.

A NSW surf lifesaving club took the extraordinary step of cancelling its last nipper program of the season after a video was posted by David Graham, known as “Guru”, calling on his followers “ask them why they’re pushing this woke s***”.

The “woke s***” he was referring to Pride Week flags.

He urged his followers to “hit our surf clubs this weekend” and wait until the “four and five-year-old nippers”.

“Then we go up, and we see these people in the surf lifesaving facilities and ask them why they’re pushing this woke *s**t … why they’ve got their rainbow flags everywhere,” he said in a video seen by

Thirroul Surf Life Saving Club, in Wollongong, eventually cancelled its last program of the year.

Upon hearing he had made front page news for the SLS shutdown, Mr Graham shared legal letters to both Surf Lifesaving NSW and the Illawarra Mercury demanding both entities apologise and retract claims made about him.

‘Free thinker’ David Graham has threatened to sue his local paper and Surf Lifesaving NSW.‘Free thinker’ David Graham has threatened to sue his local paper and Surf Lifesaving NSW.

In the letter addressed to the top brass at Surf Lifesaving NSW, Mr Graham claimed he was a trolling victim and demanded an apology and proof he was not being inclusive within seven days.

“Further take notice the claim that “SLS Illawarra have received threats which may affect clubs across the Illawarra related to this weekends support of Pride Week and inclusivity and diversity” as published in the Illawarra Mercury … has used my name Davis ‘Guru’ Graham, leading to defamation and possible election interference,” his legal letter read.

“I demand a full apology as I, Mr Graham, called for public members to question the use of the rainbow flag in relation to children, and has (sic) stated that children should not be sexualised,” he continued.

“I have not called for violence at any point of the campaign,” he also wrote.

In his letter to the Illawarra Mercury, Mr Graham also complained he had been defamed and demanded action.

He said in a video online he believed the Illawarra Mercury had been “duped” by trolls and was in cahoots with Surf Lifesaving New South Wales.

Mr Graham responded to the cancellation on his podcast and defended his actions.

“We have just got to stop these guys somehow or other,” he said.

“I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I will be challenging that because everything I have said has come through.”

Nippers programs in the Illawarra region were cancelled on Sunday. Picture: Brett WortmanNippers programs in the Illawarra region were cancelled on Sunday. Picture: Brett Wortman

The letter, which again demanded an apology also requested a retraction of the front page story and proof that “I (David Graham) is not ‘inclusive’ of the members of the gay community otherwise this will be deemed as defamation.” –

He has previously recorded himself at the beach saying the words “I’m passionate about our children, and these flogs are just trying to f***ing’ disgrace them – turn them into gay little kids,” at a previous surf club demonstration.

On Sunday afternoon, as the nippers remained dry, Mr Graham went online once more to rant about it.

“I love kids learning how to swim … do I think it has to be attacked by f***ing gay influence? No I don’t,” he said.

“You‘ve gone and jumped the gun, man, and f***ing cancelled a whole weekend for the kids when all you had to do was take your satanic theme out of it.

“That’s all we’re worried about guys.”

Mr Graham’s free thinking has led him to believe that McDonald’s burgers are made of “baby meat,” the Covid pandemic was fabricated, and the government – which is supposedly robbing Australians of 75 per cent tax – should be “removed”.

Graham, a concreter from Wollongong, self-proclaimed street fighter and eternal victim of trolls and mainstream media, recently announced his intention to contest the upcoming NSW state election alongside former Australian Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel turned right-wing political hopeful Riccardo Bosi.

Mr Graham said he did not call for violence, even though nobody claimed he did.Mr Graham said he did not call for violence, even though nobody claimed he did.

And Mr Graham reckons he’s winning.

According to Graham’s Podcast Facebook page, his aim is to “stop the rot in our country and world and deliver the truth to the masses”.

He faced court in February this year for intimidation charges against radio broadcaster Ben Fordham and another 2GB staff member.

The charges relate to phone calls made to 2GB radio station and one allegedly threatening comment said to a member of Ben Fordham’s staff.

Magistrate Melissa Humphreys adjourned the matter until March 16 so Graham could seek legal advice.

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It is unclear whether Mr Graham will fight the charges.

Graham told the court: “The anti-corruption squad has come down to my boat and taken all my devices – I have no defence. We have given an order to police to get my stuff back so I can get to court … I’ve been told it could be months and months before I get anything back”.“I haven’t been able to (seek legal advice) as I’m actually running for parliament and I’ve been trying to get together with my people so we haven’t had legal advice lined up.”

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