Coles shopper leaves angry note over discontinued sauce

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An irate Coles customer has adopted a unique approach to getting their favourite sauce returned to the supermarket’s condiment aisle after two unsuccessful years of campaigning.

Addressing “the idiot that does the ordering”, the shopper begged for the return of Beerenberg’s peppercorn sauce in a note placed on a Coles shelf in Mundaring, east of Perth.

“Will the idiot that does the ordering FINALLY get in the Beerenberg peppercorn sauce!!!”

their handwritten note, perched in front of the brand’s creamy parmesan caesar product, read.

“It’s their best product,” the author argued.

“This must be the fifth time over two years that I’ve (previously) politely made this request.”

This shopper really wants Coles to sell their favourite sauce again. Picture: FacebookThis shopper really wants Coles to sell their favourite sauce again. Picture: Facebook

Online searches suggest Coles has discontinued the item, making it highly unlikely the devastated customer’s wish will be granted.

A photo of the complaint was shared to social media on Tuesday, where it has provoked an animated response from locals.

Those to respond suggested a variety of both practical and impractical solutions to the dilemma.

“It’s super easy to order directly from Beerenberg, took me about two minutes to find the listing on their website,” one person responded.

Another was keen to see how the author’s complaints may escalate in future.

“Please, do not order the sauce – I want to see the next level to this,” they wrote.

Coles appears to have discontinued the popular item.Coles appears to have discontinued the popular item.

Someone else argued there was “no need to get angry over this”.

Others could see where the person behind the note was coming from, agreeing that the sauce was top tier.

“Good sauce that,” one wrote, with another saying: “It actually is the best though”.

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The sauce can be purchased direct from Beerenberg for $6 plus delivery, but neither Coles or Woolworths appear to stock it.

Coles was contacted by regarding a possible return of the product.

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