Check your tickets! Search for mystery $1m lotto winner

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Aussies are being urged to check their lottery tickets after a new millionaire failed to claim their Division 1 prize in Cairns.

The ticket was bought at the Stratford General Store and the unclaimed prize is worth more than $1m.

Craig Gunderson, owner of the store, said the winning ticket was for last Saturday’s draw but the unregistered player is yet to come forward.

“We just haven’t had anyone come in with the winning ticket yet,” he said.

“It’s quite nerve racking every time we put a ticket through hoping that we will be able to change someone’s life on the spot.

“Hopefully it is sitting in someone’s glovebox or in their purse and it hasn‘t gone through the wash because sometimes they can be unreadable by the machine if it has been sitting for too long or has been damaged.”

Last month, lottery officials were unable to trace a man in Sydney who had won $30million.

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The unnamed man finally came forward and claimed his winnings saying he would buy a Lamborghini with his new found wealth.

“That’s my dream car. I’ve wanted that car since I was a kid. I’m going to have a fantastic life!” he said.

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