Boy abducted while walking home

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A teenager was allegedly abducted while walking home after spending time with friends, according to police.

On Friday, SA Police Detective Chief Inspector Kieran Baggoley told media the boy, 17, was walking home from spending time with friends in Somerton Park at around 10pm on Thursday when a white sedan approached him and repeatedly offered him a ride home.

When the boy declined, the car stopped and two men exited and forced the boy into the car.

He was then taken on a short drive, alongside four men who sat silently with him.

He was not restrained or physically injured in any way.

The boy felt the car stop at the intersection with a build up of traffic, and was able to quickly get out of the car and run away.

The doors of the car were not locked, and he was not physically restrained in any way.

Police are currently investigating the scene, and are doorknocking the area and viewing CCTV footage from surrounding streets.

Police are appealing to anyone with footage or information to come forward. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Morgan SettePolice are appealing to anyone with footage or information to come forward. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Morgan Sette

Inspector Baggoley said the boy was able to provide a description of the two men that forced him into the vehicle, but revealed none of the alleged four spoke to him at all during the short drive.

The first man is described as being caucasian, in his late 30s to early 40s with a solid build, around 190cm tall with a dark but greying beard.

He was wearing a dark grey hoodie.

The second man is described as caucasian, in his 30s, with a muscular build and 180cm tall.

He was wearing an orange T-shirt and a white beanie.

Police are appealing with members of the public who might have witnessed the boy escape from the vehicle, or who might have dashcam or CCTV footage from the area, to report to police.

Detective Baggoley said police know the vehicle was a white sedan, but have not yet discovered a potential motive for the abduction.

“I would like to appeal to the men involved in this incident – we don‘t know why you’ve done this,” he said.

“Please contact Christies Beach police and tell us, because at the moment we’ve got a 17 year old boy who has been grabbed on the side of the road, and until we hear an explanation as to why, we will continue to treat this matter as serious as it has been reported.”

“If you were at the intersection at a roundabout at Patridge Street, Pier Street at approximately 10pm on the 26th of January, have a think about it.

He said this was not a “common incident,” where a boy has been taken from the street.

“We’re trying to emphasize the fact that this is not a common incident where you take a 17 year old boy off the street, where you don‘t ask for anything, where you are not known to that person and when no threats and no robberies occurred.”

“So that’s why we’re trying to understand why this has occurred and again appealing for the people to come forward and give us an explanation as to why.”

“I think it‘s important again, if I was a parent of a teenager, continuing to remind them of being careful,” he said.

“Always be careful where you are, where you’re going.

“There’s certainly no information to suggest this is anything other than an isolated incident.”

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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