Alleged torturer’s address leaked

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The names of several young girls who allegedly tortured their 13-year-old “friend” in a sickening, hours-long attack on the Sunshine Coast have been leaked online.

Queensland Police confirmed on Wednesday afternoon that three girls had been charged over the incident, which involved the victim allegedly being tied up, knifed, burnt and hit with bottles in horrifying footage shared on social media.

The victim’s mother said the girl’s face was “unrecognisable” after the alleged attack, which occurred during a sleepover at a home in Tewantin in Queensland earlier this month.

The injured girl was forced to spend a week in the hospital, suffering from a stab wound to the knee, a fractured wrist and severe swelling.

The incident has stunned Australians, and now, personal details of the alleged attackers – including names and at least one home address – have been leaked online, sparking fears of potential vigilante attacks.

A string of social media posts have since gone viral which include the names of the girls allegedly involved, clear images of them and an address.

In one post, the author encourages the public to “name and shame” those responsible.

“Trigger warning! BUT, This is disgusting,” the post reads.

The victim was unrecognisable after the attack. Picture: InstagramThe victim was unrecognisable after the attack. Picture: Instagram

The author of the post told social media users to “share this around” in the name of “justice” for the victim, before including an address and claiming the girls were known to hang around a local park.

The comment section was inundated with messages of support for the victim.

One Facebook user shared a screenshot of a block of text purportedly written by one of the girls present during the incident, who denied her involvement and implied that one of the girls charged over the alleged attack had since gone into hiding.

Meanwhile, a rumour circulating on social media that one of the alleged attackers’ family homes had been torched overnight was rejected by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services.

The personal details of those involved have been leaked. Picture: InstagramThe personal details of those involved have been leaked. Picture: Instagram

Queensland Police refused to comment on whether it was aware of the personal details being shared, and if any extra security measures were in place to protect those living at the address being distributed.

“We cannot confirm this address,” Queensland Police said in a statement.

“As this matter is before the court it would be inappropriate to comment further.”

The victim was subjected to hours of brutality.The victim was subjected to hours of brutality.

However, in a previous media release, Queensland Police urged the public not to share content related to the incident online.

“Police are appealing for people not to share any images or vision relating to this incident out of respect for the victim and to not add to the notoriety of those involved,” the release states.

“Investigations are ongoing.”

It’s an offence to identify minors being dealt with under Queensland’s Youth Justice Act.

The victim’s mother has since set up a GoFundMe, with more than $27,000 already raised to support the teen.

The woman explained her daughter had “been through a lot recently, as I’m sure you’re all aware. She was (allegedly) viciously attacked by three people over hours of time, and was placed into hospital for recovery,” she wrote.

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