Alleged horror threat after 13yo’s ‘torture’

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The alleged torturers of a 13-year-old girl from the Sunshine Coast made a disturbing threat to their victim it’s been claimed – that they would kill her baby brother.

The teenager at the centre of the abuse allegations sad she had to endure being stabbed, tied up, hit and having her hair burned.

Last Wednesday, Queensland Police confirmed three girls had been charged over the incident on Saturday March 11, which involved the abuse being shared online in disturbing footage.

Police have charged the three girls with various crimes including assault occasioning bodily harm, deprivation of liberty, armed robbery while in company used personal violence and common assault.

The alleged attack took place in Tewantin, near Noosa. Picture: Instagram.The alleged attack took place in Tewantin, near Noosa. Picture: Instagram.

The alleged attack occurred in a home in Tewantin, west of Noosa, during a sleepover.

The girl, who hasn’t been named, claimed she was lured to a house and then set upon. She spent a week in hospital suffering from a stab wound to the knee, a fractured wrist and severe swelling.

The teenager and her mother spoke to Channel 9’s A Current Affair.

The girl told the program that she knew the girls, aged 12, 13 and 14 – who also cannot be named – were known to police but went to the house anyway hoping everything would be fine.

“I had a gut feeling that I shouldn’t go. But I just ignored it because I thought some of my close friends were going to be there. So I knew nothing would happen.

“But that’s not really the case,” she added.

Parts of what she claimed happened during a terrifying four hour ordeal was recorded and then posted online. Millions have watched the clips.

“I can’t face watching the footage myself just yet,” said the teen’s mum.

However, she knows the grim details.

“They definitely used knives, chucking them at her. She got stabbed, it almost went through her tendon in her knee which would have been a huge surgery.

“(They were) burning her hair, burning her with lighters, tying her and bounding her while hitting her,” said her mum.

The 13 year old and her mum spoke to A Current Affair. Picture: Channel 9.The 13 year old and her mum spoke to A Current Affair. Picture: Channel 9.

‘They would kill me’

The teen said she was worried she might die.

“Multiple times one of the girls was saying that they would kill me.

“I just had to do whatever they said and keep my calm and not have an attitude because I knew I would get killed.”

Her mum said it was “unfathomable” that anybody could be capable of making such threats and then posting footage online.

“Sending it to people and having a good old laugh while doing it”.

The teen said her baby brother had been threatened. Picture: Channel 9.The teen said her baby brother had been threatened. Picture: Channel 9.

Threats against brother

Following the alleged assault it’s been claimed the three girls showered their victim and then took her home.

But then just as she thought her ordeal was over, the girl said they made a dark threat.

It’s claimed they stated if she told anyone, her baby brother would be killed. As she’d just been through four hours of alleged torture, she took the threat seriously.

“And obviously they were threatening me, threatening to kill and do things to my little brother”.

Her mum said her face was “unrecognisable” when she turned up back at home.

“She looked up at me and the way she called my name was heartbreaking for any mother. It just broke me into pieces,” said the teen’s mum, crying.

The mother added the three girls wouldn’t leave her daughter’s side which made her suspicious given the injuries.

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Her fears only grew as the trio insisted they accompany her and her daughter to hospital.

Two of the three girls have now been released on bail.

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