Adelaide drivers are worse than Sydney and Melbourne

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Drivers in Adelaide are apparently cut from a different cloth to those in other parts of the country – refusing to partake in the customary “thank you” wave and give way on skinny streets.

The gripe was highlighted by 25-year-old Chloe Ferrari last week who claimed that out of Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide, it was the South Australian capital city that had the worst drivers.

Not only did the motorists not give a “no worries” wave, they also didn’t know how to give way, according to Ms Ferrari who blasted Adelaide drivers on TikTok.

“I tell you what if they do [wave] it feels like a day made because it’s like, ‘wow, thank you for putting in the effort’,” she told viewers.

Chloe Ferrari said Adelaide drivers are terrible. Picture: TikTok/choefferrariChloe Ferrari said Adelaide drivers are terrible. Picture: TikTok/choefferrariThey don’t wave! Picture: TikTok/choefferrariThey don’t wave! Picture: TikTok/choefferrari

She said “nobody knows how to give way”, especially when navigating a single-lane road.

“If there’s two cars coming, obviously the car coming from an obstructed lane is the one who is meant to pull behind and give way. They don’t do it, they just f***ing go for it,” she explained.

“It’s kind of got to the point where I just want to get a dashcam and just keep going and if they happen to write off my car, well thank you very much, new car.”

Adelaide’s infamous roundabout in Britannia was also, according to Ms Ferrari, not as complicated as the locals treated it.

“It’s just that people here don’t know how to give way,” she said.

A frustrating mindset around travel time was another major pet peeve for Ms Ferrari.

“Everyone seems to think that driving 20 minutes is the hardest f***ing thing in the world,” she said.

Adelaide drivers made Sydney and Melbourne drivers seem polite. Picture: TikTok/choefferrariAdelaide drivers made Sydney and Melbourne drivers seem polite. Picture: TikTok/choefferrari

“They’re like ‘oh my god you live 20 minutes away? I never leave my street, I never leave my suburb’.

“And that is why its so hard to make friends because nobody wants to drive more than 10 minutes.”

Many viewers couldn’t have agreed more with Ms Ferrari’s argument.

“Adelaide girl! I always do the wave. but 100 per cent yes to all the rest! That round out is so easy I don’t understand how people get confused,” one person wrote in a comment.

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“I was scared of Britannia roundabout until I did it … what’s the fuss about?” another said.

“I’ve been in Adelaide for 12 months and I have been saying the exact SAME thing! [Drivers] can’t merge or give way,” a third wrote.

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