Abbie casts vote ‘for change’ in election

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Abbie Chatfield has cast her vote in the NSW election, urging residents to “vote for change” on climate action and to “kick the Liberals out”.

The popular television and radio presenter took to her Instagram to encourage her followers to vote as NSW is set to decide who will lead Australia’s biggest state for the next four years.

Democracy sausages began sizzling away on barbecues from 8am on Saturday, with familiar faces appearing at polling booths across the state.

Chatfield attended her local booth on Saturday, posting an image outside the polling office with campaign signs behind her.

The most prominent sign reads “climate action now”.

“New South Wales! Vote Today! Vote for change! Use your preferences. Do not just Vote 1,” the popular personality captioned the photo.

“Climate action, rental crisis assistance, First Nations rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and so much more is at stake!

“As a comment says: kick the Liberals out!”

Chatfield has been vocal about her stance on politics and her strong anti-Liberal views in the past and has even been criticised as “sinister” by a panel of Sky News hosts.

Millions of Australians have entered their vote on Saturday, with up to one million people already casting their ballot in early polling.

Dominic Perrottet, who became premier 18 months ago following Gladys Berejiklian’s resignation, is hoping to defy the odds and lead the Liberal-Nationals coalition to a record fourth term.

But Labor’s Chris Minns is likely to be NSW’s next premier with The Australian Newspoll, released on Saturday, pointing to Labor securing a narrow majority government.

The popular Aussie star is urging her followers to “vote for change”. Picture: InstagramThe popular Aussie star is urging her followers to “vote for change”. Picture: Instagram

Both leaders were out and about as soon as polls opened on Saturday.

Despite the mounting pressure, Mr Minns said he had a full night’s sleep the night before.

“It was pretty good. One of the first nights in a while,” he told the Today show.

“I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad omen. We’re on the booths right and early. Just rallying everybody to get out and vote for the local candidates. It’s time for a change.”

Despite the promising Newspoll results, Mr Minns said he wasn’t taking anything for granted.

“I can promise everybody who is watching at home today, we are taking absolutely nothing for granted.

“We know it’s the people of NSW decisions and basically polls at this point aren’t worth anything because people actually have to get out and vote. So we’re hopeful.

“We’re going into this election with a hungry but humble philosophy, if you like, but it’s up to the people of NSW and we’re fighting for every vote.”

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