$80 Woolies haul sparks outrage

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An image of a Woolworths shopper’s almost $80 grocery haul has left fellow shoppers outraged, as the few items added up to a hefty bill.

The image, being circulated on Reddit, showed the Woolworths customer’s grocery items which included mince, wraps, burger buns, mineral water, cheese and rocket.

“$78.80 ‘shop’ at Woolworths today,” the image was captioned.

This $80 Woolies haul has sparked outrage. Picture: u/RhinoSmokn/RedditThis $80 Woolies haul has sparked outrage. Picture: u/RhinoSmokn/Reddit

Social media users were equally outraged at the grocery bill, with one claiming “that is NOT OK” in response to the outrageous price of the food haul.

“Cheese is so expensive at the moment. It must be laced with gold or something,” one person joked.

Another said: “So many factors involved with this price, from external/international to transport of raw materials to storage and otherwise.”

“Shopping just makes me sad these days. I do a lot of standing looking at aisles and then walking away as everything is just too expensive. I actually used to weirdly enjoy shopping as well,” one said.

Another agreed: “Yes, stand around, compare price, get sad and walk past the goodie isles because those are now luxury items.”

“I see the problem … they charged you for a RIDE on a rocket, not a BAG of rocket … easy mistake to make,” one said.

Earlier this week, Woolworths announced price drops for over 400 essential items.

Woolworths’ Chief Commercial Officer Paul Harker told news.com.au: “We understand that cost-of-living pressures are being felt by our customers and our team, particularly as the school year kicks into gear and families plan for the Easter holidays, and Prices Dropped for Autumn is just one of the many ways we are helping customers save this Autumn.

The supermarket has recently dropped prices on 400 items. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Jeremy PiperThe supermarket has recently dropped prices on 400 items. Picture: NCA NewsWire / Jeremy Piper

“As well as the Priced Dropped program, we have thousands of weekly specials, a vast range of our Own Brand products at Low Prices, and Everyday Rewards to help customers’ shops go further.”

“The Prices Dropped offering is available until 23 May 2023.”

Cost of living pressures are dominating Australians’ worries with 59 per cent of people most concerned about skyrocketing grocery and electricity prices, soaring rent and rising interest rates in 2023, December research revealed.

Canstar group executive of financial services Steve Mickenbecker said the RBA expects inflation to peak at over 8 per cent in December, a number that if sustained could do severe damage to the economy and people’s living standards for quite a while to come

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“Just putting food on the table is Australians’ number one worry next year and rightly so with more than two-thirds – 67 per cent – of Australians reporting their average weekly spend at the grocery store has increased as a result of rising prices,” he said.

“A further 26 per cent have found a way to keep the cost down, by buying less, choosing cheaper options or shopping for discounted prices.

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