Nurse’s phone hack could save your life

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Nurse reveals how medical information on your phone could save your life

A nurse in Sydney has urged Aussies to do one simple thing on their phone that “might just save your life”.

A nurse in Sydney has urged Aussies to update their medical identification on their phone after an ordeal at Boost Juice reminded her it “might just save your life”.

Posting on TikTok, the nurse named Lauren said she was waiting in line at a shopping centre on Tuesday when a woman collapsed and hit her head.

“I immediately went over to see if they needed any help,” she said.

“Having a duty of care and being comfortable doing basic life support, I was like alright I need to put my big girl pants on and step in.

“She was not in a good way at all.”

She told a passer-by to call for help and then asked management to fetch a defibrillator for CPR.

@studyvlogloz Storytime of why you NEED your medical ID uptodate 🚨🤍 ♬ original sound – Lauren🤍 | healthcare 🩺

“She was very close to being unresponsive,” she continued, saying she went to check the medical ID on her iPhone.

“I held the lock button and volume button together at the same time and swiped to her medical ID,” she said.

“She didn‘t have it updated but she did have her name, her birthday, her height and her weight.

“Literally just because I had her name meant I was able to communicate better with her, and she was able to communicate by squeezing my hand a little bit better knowing I was talking to her.”

Nurse Lauren said the woman had a cardiac condition, but having that information in her medical ID would have assisted medical professionals who arrived on the scene.

“I urge everyone to update theirs,” she said.

“And if you‘re not comfortable having your medical ID on your phone, what you can do is include an emergency contact which will allow someone on scene to call them and find out what your history is and whether this has happened before.”

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