What to expect after ‘giant-sized’ hail

A weekend of record-low temperatures and “giant-sized hail” in parts of the country will surprisingly usher in a “warm start to winter” this week. Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Sarah Scully said while a “number of May minimum records” were broken around the country, temperatures for most of the country would start to build from Wednesday. […]

Cadaver dogs to search inferno site

Police have confirmed that cadaver dogs will search a vacant Sydney building that exploded into flames as emergency services are still unable to sift through the rubble days after the incident. The vacant heritage-listed building located in Surry Hills erupted into an inferno on Thursday afternoon, with more than 100 firefighters working through the night […]

PwC’s next move in tax advice scandal

Embattled consultancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers has directed nine partners to take immediate leave and apologised to Australians as the fallout from its tax advice scandal continues. PwC Australia’s acting chief executive, Kristin Stubbins, issued an open letter on Monday apologising on behalf of the company for the leaking of confidential information about government tax policy. The […]

$3900 twist after shock rental increase

A young Sydney woman who became the face of Australia’s housing crisis has revealed the “interesting” outcome after she challenged a whopping $1400-per-month rent increase earlier this year. Chantelle Schmidt, 32, who lives in Redfern in inner Sydney, received a notice that her rent would jump by a staggering $350 per week in February, soaring […]

Influencers’ wild party sparks outrage

A Melbourne nightclub has been slammed for bringing live reptiles to its relaunch on the weekend, with photos showing influencers holding snakes and baby crocodiles sending Instagram into uproar. Two Wrongs’ Instagram page was flooded with pictures of influencers posing with the reptiles on Saturday night, but any evidence of the event has since vanished […]